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About Kacy Andrews

I read, I write, I enjoy eating good food. I like riding good horses, writing about good horses, putting out fires, polishing up the big red trucks and more.

My favorite authors include Dee Henderson, and Karen Kingsbury. I also enjoy taking advantage of the free fiction reads available with Amazon Kindle, since it's a great way to get to know a new author.

As far as non-fiction, I collect the various 'Baron's Guides' to different animals, and I read a lot of beginner guides to animals as there is usually a new twist to an old idea in each one. I read veterinary textbooks when I manage to get a hold of one, but these obviously aren't stocked at the average library, so they're usually something I pick up at thrift stores. 

I also keep up to date on the agriculture and emergency services industries by reading a vast quantity of periodicals, both online and off. Come read my blog to find out more. 

If you'd like to contact me, to encourage, exclaim, or complain about my books, or if your interested in finding out more about my freelance writing services in advertising and blogging, you can send an email

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