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I have always enjoyed cooking, baking, and finding new recipes. I am starting a line of cookbooks that I know you will enjoy. To stay 

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Baking with Yeast

Do you enjoy freshly baked bread? Do you worry about all the additives included in commercially available bread? Do you want to make a wide variety of breads quickly and easily at home? Then Baking With Yeast is the cookbook you need!

With a wide variety of recipes from ordinary white 

bread, to healthy whole wheat and flax breads, this book starts with an explanation of how to get perfect results every time, then offers you 50+ detailed recipes that will take your bread baking skills from beginner to expert in no time! You don't even need a bread machine, you just need a large bowl, a warm place for your bread to rise (like your home kitchen!), and the ability to follow simple instructions. 

You'll be able to make cinnamon buns, hotdog and hamburger buns, dinner rolls, cheese bread, raisin bread, and more with recipes from this book. You will never have to buy commercial bread again after buying this book! Pre-order on Amazon