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Blog posts February 2016

Thinking Outside the Book

February 15, 2016

If you are an author, you are probably most focused on getting more books written and published. If you are publishing with a traditional publisher, this probably means you are trying to secure multi book deals. If you are self publishing, you're probably know that the more you publish, the more suc…

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The Importance of Reading

February 10, 2016

All us writers know it's important to read books too. Books, magazines, the newspaper, you know, all that. Reading other author's writing does a number of things for us:

Let's us see good writing 

Reading the greats like 

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (or any of this other works for tha…

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Free Magazines

February 2, 2016

So I like free stuff, and cheap stuff, and thrift stores. 

I was really really really disappointed to find out that the Goodwill in my area closed. So were a lot of my friends and neighbors. This was like THE place to shop for just about everything that you didn't absolutely have to buy brand ne…

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