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Happy Thanksgiving

October 7, 2016

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving here in Canada. Families will be sitting down to turkey dinners and whatever else goes along with their holiday. It's a great time to reflect back on where we've been this year and what we've accomplished, as well as thank God for the blessings we have received. 

So here goes:


I am thankful that I have the best job of my life right now working for an Ag trucking company that is such a huge improvement over the freight companies I worked at earlier in my trucking career. 

I am thankful for my awesome boyfriend who has proved to me that despite the previous relationship disasters I've experienced, there are still a few good men in the world. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to write whatever I want because of self publishing. I'm no longer forced to write what 'the market' wants, and can put my own ideas down however I want and find readers who are interested in a different kind of book. 

I am thankful that God cares about our every need and supplies those needs in His own timing. I've spent a lot of life frustrated because things looked like they'd never turn out, but with patience and perseverance, and trusting in God's will, things do turn around. 

And I do need to plug my new cookbook  right here. If you'd like to know everything there is to know about baking bread, or if you just want some new bread recipes, pre-order your copy today. This link will take you to the American Amazon site. If you're from another country, just search for the big on your home Amazon page.

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