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One Year Anniversary!

January 11, 2017

So it's been a little over one year since I started this site. I think that's worth celebrating. 

This year I've only published two full length fiction books, (Stop Drowning, and There is That One), but I've published a few different short stories, and a Short Story Collection. 

I also got a new job. Full time with really good pay, which is why writing has kinda taken a literal back seat for me, or shall I say shotgun seat since I'm driving an 18-wheeler and they don't really have a back seat lol. Work is good, but it's technical and doesn't require much creativity, so it's still important for me to find creative stuff to do, like writing, and crafting. 

There are lots of different ideas rolling through my mind right now, and some of them will arrive in e-books in 2017, I promise. My newest novel, There is That One, is something that I've been working at since this time last year. In a lot of ways, it's my story. Sam is totally her own character, but the circumstances she is under are many I have faced myself which I feel helped me write with more passion. 

I'm planning on using all my writing earnings to help pay down my school debt. My writing earnings are still really small, but they do supplement the income I make at my job, and every penny counts. Once my school debt is paid, I'm going to start saving for the future, namely a farm of my own :) And a new truck, because, well, every country girl needs a good truck. 

Hopefully you have some goals for 2017. Remember to make them SMART: 

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