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Alistar Ranch Series


In Search of Truth

Published September 4, 2015

After breaking up with his girlfriend and running away from home, Jason Cartwright finds himself with nowhere to go. When he drives down the lane at Alistar's Ranch, he's only interested in a hot shower, and a real bed, but something about the quiet country setting attracts him and makes him wish he could stay. 

Micki Alistar is tired of summer students who can't handle the workload of a dude ranch, and offers Jason a work opportunity, including room and board. 

It doesn't take long for Jason to realize that Micki is unlike any girl he's ever met. She's smart, pretty, purpose driven, and has an inner peace he doesn't understand. 

As the summer passes, his feelings toward Micki develop into something deeper. And her faith in God brings him to an understanding of real peace and Truth.




Darcy Creek FD Series


Book 1: Married For Jeremy

Published October 1, 2015

James Walker is a self-sufficient bachelor who spends his days working at an outfitting store, evenings at his grandmother’s side in the nursing home where she lives, and nights in a rustic, waterfront cabin. His volunteer firefighting career fills up his spare time. When Ellen moves to town to work at the nursing home, James finds himself interested in pursuing a relationship for the first time in forever. When things get too steamy, too quickly and Ellen ends up pregnant and furious, James suggests a marriage of convenience to preserve their reputations and offer the child the best possible home.

As two near strangers, they find their differences hard to bear, especially after Ellen embraces a faith James doesn’t believe in anymore.



Book 2: Protecting the Covenant

Published January 12, 2016

The story of James, Ellen, and the Darcy-Creek fire crew continues as James works to achieve his dream of becoming a paramedic. He’s thankful for Ellen’s ever present support, but between her pregnancy, his college courses, work, and their energetic toddler, they are stretched to the limit. 

When his Grandmother’s health takes a downward turn, James is faced with losing one of the most important people in his life when he feels he needs her most. 

To further complicate the situation, the woman on the crew he is assigned to do placement with starts to make advances towards him. Then he catches her doing something not only unprofessional, but illegal. Does he risk his future career by telling on her? Or just hope to get out of the placement without getting sucked into her trap. 

He had thought being married would get easier, but had no idea what lengths he’d have to go to in order to protect the covenant, and his integrity. 


Book 3: Stop Drowning

Published March 21, 2016

Ever since a ceiling collapsed on Zack Wilson and his fellow firefighter James, Zack has struggled with the thought of ever going back into a burning building again. When tragedy strikes close to home, Zack realizes just how cruel the world can be. 

Unable to cope with the tragedy, Zack just wants to end it all. When Lacy finds him, drunk, suicidal, and ready to hurt anyone who might try to stop him, she's narrowly able to thwart his efforts. 

As he recovers from the incident, Zack realizes he owes his life to the tiny blonde who rescued him and wants to thank her. But no one knows who she is, or where she came from.

When James finds her at the hospital where she works, he manages to get them together. Zack can't believe how much he has in common with Lacy, and how close she is to his ideal woman, but he also feels obligated to avoid hurting her and decides that he needs to discontinue the relationship before they get in too deep. 

Lacy has other ideas, and intends to fight for what matters to her.


Book 4: There is That One

Published September 17, 2016

Sam Ferguson has always strived to be a good firefighter, a good horsewoman, and a good friend. She trusts God, but she wants more for her life, namely, a family. Getting past the relationship that failed miserably is proving to be harder than she thought and she's afraid to open up her heart again. 

Feeling safety within the camaraderie of her fire crew, and the freedom of flying through a perfect cloverleaf pattern on her horse, she doesn't know if she wants to risk something new ever again. Instead, she pours her time into her job as assistant manager of a large horse farm that offers boarding, lessons, and various types of therapy. 

Caleb O'Neill hopes that Equine Assisted Learning will help his daughter get control of her ADHD so she can succeed in school, and starts bringing her to the farm for weekly lessons. After meeting Sam for the first time, he knows there is something special about her and wonders why she wants to be so cold and indifferent. 

As time passes, Caleb starts to break through her hard shell and Sam is tempted to revisit her views on dating.


DCFD Prequel: Landscaping Life - Where it all began

Coming Spring 2017

When Roy Hansen graduated from Bible College and went into the ministry as a youth pastor, he assumed that his life calling would last forever, but when his church decides that an associate pastor is no longer financially viable, or even needed, he's left contemplating what God's plans for him really are.

A newspaper ad telling of a landscaping business for sale in the little town of Darcy-Creek catches his attention, and after a lot of discussion and prayer, Roy and his wife Lisa decide to move their kids, and the family dog ten hours away to make a valiant attempt at business ownership. The community is friendly, but Roy struggles to find ways to connect to the residents and find ways to minister to them. When Roy finds out that the Fire Department is looking for new members, he decides to apply in hopes that he can reach out and serve in some way. Landscaping Life is your chance to learn how DCFD's notorious 'Fire Department Pastor' followed his heart into a great new adventure. 



 Other Fiction


 When to Trust a Woman

Published January 8, 2016

Dawson Ireland is good at his job as Sheriff, but bad at navigating relationships with women. He’s always assumed that if and when he wanted to settle down, Tessa would be waiting for him. His world is turned upside down when she announces she’s leaving town. The Mayor’s entitled daughter Anastasia thinks the Sheriff should court her, because, well, she’s the Mayor’s daughter.

Then there’s the beautiful, sophisticated Victoria, who comes to town claiming a desire to become a business owner. Somewhere between Victoria’s arrival and Tessa’s departure, strange things start happening around town. Items are disappearing, but with no apparent reason. The Mayor keeps seeing people in the shadows and is sure someone is out to murder him.

Amid the mystery, Dawson starts to realize which woman he really has the feelings for, but Jill is only interested in solving the case.


Short Fiction

My short fiction is my opportunity to follow random muses that might not ever end up being full length books. They are your chance to enjoy a great little story at a cheap price. Most of my short stories retail for about $1, depending on length. Enjoy one with your morning coffee, or on your lunch break. 


Not That Crazy: A Short Story

Published March 15, 2016

Everyone thought he was too chicken, but Caleb thought he could handle the dare. Drive up Pheasant Hill and get a picture of the crazy lady's house. Little did he know that the snowstorm would keep him detained with the widow, and teach him that people are not always as they first seem. This short story will remind you to not always believe everything you hear, and to give people you don't know the benefit of the doubt.


Young Love and Strawberry Pie: A Short Story

Published March 14, 2016

Laura Jackson has never fit the mold. Her sister Maggie has always enjoyed the domestic tasks around her family's cattle ranch. Laura would prefer to ride with her father out with the cattle. Maggie encourages Laura to attempt to bake a pie for the upcoming social, and Laura agrees after thinking about how nice it would be if her friend, and neighbor, Timothy Larson bought her pie. This short story explores how a young friendship begins to turn into something more.


 Mystery Horse

Published January 1, 2017

Jim Johnson thought that Lorenzo's owner was a little weird, but he never expected her to be part of a horse rustling operation.



The Camp Hero

Published January 2, 2017

Jake and Samantha thought they were going on a simple family camping trip, until a young boy needs Jake's lifeguard skills.